Our last event #IsThisOnTheRecord a frank conversation about gender and journalism rocked. More to come in 2018.


we help to unlock women's experiences, talents, and true value - through powerful conversations

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Our offerings will benefit all women regardless of job title - and ultimately will benefit your organization.

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From a 2 hour break out session at a company meeting or conference, to 3 day retreat - we can curate an engaging and uplifting conversation that ensures women feel heard and connected through shared experiences. Before the event, we work with your team to solicit questions, challenges, and conversational ideas from the women at all levels on your team. During the event we ask those questions to encourage women to share experiences, wisdom, and ideas. After the event we synthesize the conversation and provide you with actionable insights.  This is not a leadership initiative. We believe your organization will benefit from unlocking women's experiences, talents, and true value at all levels of your organization. 

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