Our last public event #IsThisOnTheRecord with women in journalism rocked. More to come in 2018.

What are the risks for women journalists today? #isthisontherecord

Toronto Star columnist Judith Timson recently wrote a piece about the death of Kim Wall the 30 year old Swedish journalist who was killed while on assignment. You can read Judith's piece here. Her piece asked important questions about how women journalists might calibrate and manage risks. As some of you may know, Kim Wall was a freelance journalist who boarded a submarine alone to interview a Danish inventor. She was never seen again alive. How she was found was gruesome.  In a world where women clearly remain vulnerable to attack (see recent news about Harvey Weinstein, Jian Ghomeshi, and Bill Cosby) how do today's female journalists view and address that risk? That's one of the questions we will be exploring at Women's Work Institute's upcoming panel event called "Is this on the record" which will explore the challenges and opportunities women journalists face at work, at home, and in-between. Judith Timson will be one of the panelists as will award winning National Magazine Award winning investigative journalist Marci McDonald who wrote this brilliant piece about Jian Ghomeshi's lawyer Marie Henein for Toronto Life and Lysanne Louter, the young Emmy award winning investigative journalist who wrote this piece on Journalism and trauma check it out here. This is a conversation that all women and women's allies should be part of - it's not just for women in journalism! It's coming up November 16 at Shecosystem in Toronto.

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